10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking by Lenny Laskowski

April 20th, 2009 , Authors:

The book 10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking is a good overall book on public speaking.

Overall Rating:  ★★★½☆

Book Organization

Day 1: Getting Started: Overcoming Your Fears
Day 2: Create a Great Presentation
Day 3: Relating to your Audience
Day 4: Remembering What you Have to Say
Day 5: Say it With Style: Body Language and Voice
Day 6: Language and Ethics
Day 7: Expect the Unexpected
Day 8: Special Techniques
Day 9: Behind the Scenes: Building Confidence
Day 10: Ending Your Speech with a Bang

Quotes From the Book

“Top company executives polled said that the one essential skill they look for in an employee slated for promotion is the ability to effectively communicate ideas.”
“Public speaking improves every area of your life”

Practical Tips  ★★★★★

The book includes a section called “Quick Tips You Can Use in Everyday Speaking Situations”.  This covers scenarios such as running into someone at the store, parties, etc.  These tips are great because they go beyond just standard public speaking situations and help with more causal but equally difficult situations.

Speech Preparation  ★★★★☆

Process of speech preparation - ideas and structure - mostly good ideas.  I feel that it’s mostly general stuff.  Most 5 - 7 minute speeches actually don’t require that much research.

Tip: “use examples your audience can relate to” - if presenting about a medical advancement, give a brief story about a patient who benefited from it.

He does a nice job descrbing different types of audiences : Prisoners, vacationers, graduates, and students.

Overall Rating  ★★★½☆

Overall, this would be a good handy reference book to revisit over time.  It’s presumptuous to assume that it only takes 10 days to go from overcoming anxiety to becoming an excellent speaker.
It’s a process that takes a long time, and I would hope that beginning speakers don’t become demoralized if they haven’t overcome their fear in just a few days.

There is a lot of useful content in the book that I found helpful for relating to audiences.

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